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How To Buy



Please read the terms and conditions before you purchase any product on ethergears.



You can either register easily from “My Account” page, or on the checkout by checking “Create an account” after filling in billing fields. On the registration page, you need to verify your phone number with an OTP password.



All the physical products have insurance added to their shipping costs. If there was a miscarriage or damaged box on delivery and you didn’t

notice when receiving it, No need to worry, take a picture of the box
and damaged parts, and send an email to
We will arrange the returns a
nd the rest. You can either get a full refund in the same amount of crypto you paid at that time or get another one of the same product.

Before you buy variable products, Make sure you choose the right version from “Select options”.

We do not change it after the payment is done,  you can contact support for a refund before shipment and, you can order

again. Please note this option is only available if your shipment has not left the facility yet.)


Shipping Procedure


Because of USA sanctions and shipping problems, Shipping companies won’t ship to specific countries, such as Iran, Syria, Libya, etc. If you put your
address and Postcode/ZIP correct and it doesn’t show the shipping fee, 
It means we cannot deliver to you. Please add your number to ease the delivery process.

On the checkout page, you can choose the right delivery method for you. It will show you the rate and delivery time in real-time. The insurance fee is included in the price.





After filling in the required information check the box and proceed to the payment and place your order. You
will redirect to the payment page and you will have 60 minutes to complete the payment. Either scan or pay directly with your wallet. for Bitcoin scan includes the Invoice price. But for Ethereum and USDT you need to add the amount exactly as the invoice. (If you send the wrong amount you need to contact support, Either you can get a refund – Minus transaction fee, Or you can send the remained amount and complete your order.)
We do accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Dogecoin and USDT directly without any hidden fees.

-For your convenience we do accept USDT only on TRC20 network for faster transactions and lowest fees. 

If you want to pay with other altcoins (more than 400 coins accepted according to the CoinSwitch website). Go to the Conversion tab and
choose “Pay With CoinSwitch”. You will have 20 Minutes to do the payment in CoinSwitch.


Note: CoinSwitch will charge you extra for the conversion and it’s going to their provided service, not into EtherGears. You pay what you see in the website plus a minor transaction fee that goes to the network.

-CoinSwitch orders might get a bit longer to confirm (10 to15 minutes more).

please do not hesitate to contact us If you require any further information